Born in Munakata City in Fukuoka,Japan. Graduated from Fukuoka Jogakuin Junior and High School and majored in Piano in the Musical Instrument Department of the Tokyo College of Music. Performed as a solist at the World Dance Festival at the Nippon Budokan,as well as the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan,and on theatrical stages in the actress Eri Watanabe, Kenji Sawada,also Shofukutei Tsurube etc. Also known as the model on which author

Naoki Oishi based his prize-winning novel "Oblivion"(Kadokawa Shoten,2006) She also taught Hideki Saijyo to play Bandoneon. Now, She plays all over the world.


-Yukie Kawanami is a force to be recon with. She lights up the stage and makes her audience want more. Her passion for music the type of passion that only few musicians have in this generation. Ms. Kawanami has been gifted to have the natural musical sense and abilities. The sense of her ears can immediately catch the core of the music, and she is able to interpret it without losing its meanings.

1st Prize Winner Che Bandoneon Competition 2015(U.S.A)

Stowe Tango Music Festival Orchestra 2015, 2016, 2017,2018

Albuquerque Qtango Festival Orchestra 2017,2018

Tuson Tango Festival 2018

Milano countdown show 2019-2020

Romvardia Tango Festival 2020

1st Prize Winner Astor Piazzolla - Città di Trani 2021(City of Trani 2021)"Tango 3 Shimai+"

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